Primary 6

Primary six is on the top floor of the school with lovely views over the river and up towards the Park Hotel. As you are aware, Mrs Geddes teaches the class on a Monday and Miss Lipka teaches PE, RME and science on a Wednesday morning.

We are doing the best we can despite the noise and upheaval caused by having the building works going on in the school.

This newsletter is to give you information and let you know some of the topics that P6 are learning about this term.



  • Once diamond words are thoroughly learned, P6 make up a DIAMOND PLUS list of tricky words.
  • Library books should be read as much as possible – this helps with story  writing and spelling.
  • P6 will be writing in a variety of ways – a personal story, a report and designing a poster.
  • French lessons.


This term Mr McAlonan, Miss Bartholomew and I are each teaching a P6/7 group for maths.

We plan to cover:

  • Negative numbers
  • Numbers to millions
  • Number processes
  • Establishing/Rounding
  • Measurement – distance and weight
  • We need to make sure times tables up to 10 and simple number bonds within 20 and 100 are thoroughly learned.


Maths homework will usually be given out on a Tuesday to be returned the following Tuesday.

Social Studies


We are interested in ‘things Scottish’ at the moment due to the referendum.

  • History walks around Thurso
  • The Commonwealth and countries (after the Commonwealth Games held in the summer in Glasgow).
  • Future topics will include World War One, and Remembrance.

Health and Wellbeing

  • P6 will have PE every Monday with Mrs Geddes and every Wednesday with Miss Lipka
  • Cycling lessons
  • An emphasis will be placed on valuing effort and rewarding achievement.




  • The pupils are working on knowing their way around a keyboard.
  • Make pictures using the ‘Paint’ programme.
  • Learn how to edit text in a Word document

Look out for house points, stickers and awards which are regularly given to pupils who are:


Confident Individuals
Successful Learners
Responsible Citizens
Effective Contributors


Homework is usually given on a Monday to Thursday. Every night pupils can practise reading fluently, spelling and mental maths. A variety of other tasks will be given too.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school with any queries that you may have. Thanking you, in anticipation, for supporting your child.

Mrs Mclean

P6 Teacher