About Us

Mission Statement

Mount Pleasant Primary School and Nursery strives to equip children with all the qualities necessary to thrive in a changing society and admits no obstacle as sufficient to prevent achievement.

Our Aims

Mount Pleasant Primary School and Nursery aims to be a happy and dynamic learning environment in which pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential. Every member of our school community should be treated equally and with respect.

  1. Learning and caring are at the heart of school and nursery activities, both formal and informal. We aim to promote a positive attitude to learning, to encourage pupils to be proud of their school, to celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others and to feel that all their contributions are valued.
  2. Through effective learning and teaching we aim to raise attainment by providing a variety of challenging experiences that cater for all our pupils’ needs and prepare them to take an active role in their life long learning.
  3. We want our pupils to become active and caring citizens who respect the needs and feelings of members of their own community and understand the responsibility they have within the wider community. Our pupils are encouraged to be involved in the community and we welcome members of the community into school. We value the contributions they make and the example they set in providing positive role models.
  4. We value the role parents play in encouraging pupils to become independent and enthusiastic learners. With open and honest dialogue we will work together to support our pupils and provide good quality resources to enhance their learning.
  5. We aim to provide a professionally fulfilling environment for all staff, teaching or ancillary. All staff are encouraged to work together as an effective team within an atmosphere of mutual support. Opportunities for professional development are given a high priority.
  6. We aim to work closely with other agencies in order to meet the needs of every child and, with them, help overcome obstacles to learning and successful development.